Meditation course

Mindfulness & Wisdom Based Meditation Course


Would you like to Stress Less, Live More and Love Life? Join our 4 week introductory course on Mindfulness Meditation.

Course dates:  Thursday, 16th March; Thursday, 23rd March; Thursday, March 30th; Thursday, 6th April 

Time: 6:30pm – 8:00pm

Cost: $220.00 (Medicare rebates available with GP mental heath care plan)

Stress has become a major issue in our contemporary lives and is related to both the cause and exacerbation of many physical and psychological illnesses and issues.

Our stress, manifesting as anxiety and fear about our future, causes us to miss our present moment experience of life – leaving us unfulfilled and frustrated.

Feeling flat and depleted of energy we are left with little emotional response to live and love in a conscious and connected way.

The short course provides tools & techniques, strengths & strategies to Stress Less, Live More, Love Live – regaining the Happiness, Joy & Peace that are expressions of our fundamental true nature.

Topics Covered

  • Stress Less in Our Lives
  • Live More Mindfully & Heart fully
  • Love our Life and Connect and Commit to Life NOW
  • Life is the most precious thing we have; yet our quality & experience of life is often dim
    inished or destroyed by STRESS

John Barter is a Psychologist and Mindfulness Psychotherapist, Mindfulness Meditation Teacher.  John10646983_1483428628608979_1345088273737140358_n brings to his work over 30 years of continuous study and practice of Mindfulness disciplines, 10 years of which he was an ordained Buddhist monk of the Theravada Forest Tradition, living and practicing in Australia, Thailand, Britain and Europe.


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