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Brain Resource Company Network

The Brain Resource Company LtdThe Brain Resource Company Ltd. – International HQ is an integrative neuroscience company. We bring biological and behavioral measures of the brain together to make sense of the brain’s complexities.

Brainclinics Diagnostics & TreatmentBrain Clinics Brainclinics Diagnostics & Treatment carries out individual brain research and applied scientific functional brain research (Personalized Medicine).

EEG Resource InstituteEEG Info and EEG Institute – is specialized in neurofeedback, tele-neurofeedback and employs QEEG and neuropsychological assessments.

BrainnetBrainnet – International Brain Database The Brain Research And Integrative Neuroscience network (BRAINnet) is a high profile network of Australian and international scientists.

Flinders University ConsultingFlinders University Consulting (Richard Clark) Clinical and medicolegal neuropsychological assessment

Psychological ConsultPsychological Consult – represents a partnership of clinicians based at The Brain Dynamics Centre (BDC) Westmead Hospital and The Brain Resource Company (BRC), Ultimo.

BRC AdelaideBRC Adelaide (Richard Clark) The Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory uses multiple brain imaging modalities to investigate higher function in humans.

The Brain Resource CompanyThe Brain Resource Company – New York. If you or your child suffer from any form of cognitive deficits, problems with attention and concentration, ADD, autism, memory, mood disorders, or any other disorders, or if you are simply interested in assessing and improving your brain functions or cognitive abilities for the purpose of peak performance, the Brain Resource Center can offer you advanced and effective interventions, based on the latest developments in neuroscience.

Brain Profiling GroupBrain Profiling Group – The Brain Profiling Group (BPG) specializes in the testing and evaluation of brain function, for the purpose of detecting and quantifying abnormalities arising from psychological disorders or physical trauma.


Applied Neuroscience Society of AustralasiaApplied Neuroscience Society of Australasia is a professional membership organisation consisting of health professionals from Medicine, NeuroPsychiatry, Psychology, Nursing, Chiropractic, Naturopathy, Physiotherapy, Behavioural optometry who are committed to the promotion of optimum health  primarily through self-regulation, diet and nutrition.

Brain Health ClinicsBrain Health Clinics – At Brain Health Clinics we employ evidenced based principles to treat psychological problems. We are also one of the few psychology practices in Australia able to assess brain function prior to deciding on appropriate treatment.

The International Society for Neurofeedback & Research (ISNR)The International Society for Neurofeedback & Research – The International Society for Neurofeedback & Research (ISNR) is a membership organization comprised of people from many countries and various professional disciplines doing neurotherapy, neurofeedback training and research.

Australian College of Clinical PsychologistsAustralian College of Clinical Psychologists – The Australian College of Clinical Psychologists is a professional association devoted to the support and development of practising psychologists in Australia. The College was formed in 1980 and has been legally incorporated since that time.

Working Memory TrainingThe Cogmed Story. Working Memory Training
How a scientific discovery is changing the way we understand and overcome the limits of the brain

Working Memory TrainingSpectrum Learning

At Spectrum Learning, we aim to help individuals to improve the quality of their lives through understanding and develop their brain functions.

Brain, Mind and Soul ResourcesBrain, Mind and Soul Resources
Amen Clinics, Inc. is dedicated to optimizing the brain-life connection in our patients and people worldwide, and to utilizing the latest medical advances in the treatment of psychiatric disease.


Article by Laurence M Hirshberg – Place of electroencephalographic biofeedback for attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder click here

* Please note: that Solstice Mind Matters does not endorse any claims from any sources and websites and only recommends them for general information. Our recommendations for a SPECIFIC INTERVENTION are based on the comprehensive assessment of the individual condition.

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